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Cleveland 'Bays' v Weymouth 'Doonan' Wildcats

Conference Shield - 16 September 2006

1. Jack Hargreaves 3 3 2' 2' = 10+2
2. Jitendra Duffill 0 0 1 = 1
3. Steven Jones 3 2' 2 3 X = 10 + 1
4. Rusty Hodgson X 3 1' 2' X =6 + 2
5. Daniel Giffard 3 3 3 3 = 12
6. Martin Emersen F 0 0 = 0
7. Joe Haines 3 1 X 3 1 3 = 11

Weymouth Wildcats
1. David Mason r/r
2. George Piper 1' 0 3 2 0 2' = 8+2
3. Wayne Dunworth 1' 1 1' 0 0 = 3+2
4. Gordon Meakins withdrawn injured
5. Danny Warwick 2 2 2 3 1 1^ 3 = 14
6. Adam Filmer 2 2 1' 2 0 1' 2 = 10+2
7. Terry Day 1' F 2' 1 N = 4+2

Referee: Jim McGregor

Heat Details
1. Hargreaves, Warwick, Piper, Duffill, 3-3 3-3
2. Haines, Filmer, Day, Emerson (f), 3-3 6-6
3. (re-run) Jones, Filmer, Dunworth, Hodgson (x), 3-3 9-9
4. Giffard, Warwick, Haines, Day (f), 4-2 13-11
5. Hodgson, Jones, Dunworth, Piper, 5-1 18-12
6. Hargreaves, Warwick, Filmer, Duffill, 3-3 21-15
7. Giffard, Filmer, Dunworth, Emerson, 3-3 24-18
8. Piper, Day, Duffill, Haines (x), 1-5 25-23
9. Warwick, Jones, Hodgson, Filmer, 3-3 28-26
10. Haines, Hargreaves, Day, Dunworth, 5-1 33-27
11. Giffard, Piper, Filmer, Emerson, 3-3 36-30
12. Jones, Filmer, Haines, Dunworth, 4-2 40-32
13. Giffard, Hargreaves, Warwick, Piper, 5-1 45-33
14. Haines, Hodgson, Warwick^, Day(N/S) 5-1 50-34
15. (re-run) Warwick, Piper, Hodgson(x), Jones(x) 0-5 50-39

Away Days - by Jem Dicken

Cleveland Bays 50 Weymouth Wildcats 39

After getting home from the Wessex at 12.30 the night before, it was an early’ish start to the day on our trip way up country to Teeside the home of the Redcar Bears and the Cleveland Bays. After a quick stop off at the track shop to pick up gifts for our hosts track shop and a call in at Morrisons for fuel we were finally off by 9am. As per usual for away trips, Robin was sound asleep by the time we got to Dorchester and didn’t stir till we were well past Oxford. It was at about this time I noticed that we were not really going up the correct motorway, problem when the map-reader is asleep! Anyway onwards and upwards we did go flying up the M40 at a rate of knots until we noticed the signs saying North West, hang on a moment aint Middlesborough on the other side I said! Anyway no worries we pick up the M42 and skirt around Brum and see signs for the correct Motorway (note to any would be travellers, M42 = soooooooo many speed cameras). Somewhere around Nottingham we stopped to sample the culinary delights of Burger King (argh!) and let a now gasping Robin out the car for a fag. Half an hour later we were back on the road, five minutes later, yes you’ve guessed it, he’s snoring again. Continuing up the motorway we pass places we’ve only read about in books, Derby, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Leeds, York, Ripon, northwards we still head. After exiting the M1 we head up the A19 and in to Middlesborough and past the Riverside Stadium, at this point we throw away the AA auto route directions and follow the signs for the Moto park because the AA are sending us somewhere different. We finally drive in to the stadium at 2.45 just in time to see Sittingbourne get stuffed. The track looked excellent, big wide bends and loads of banking and the views all around were not too dissimilar to our own. All the lads were present and really excited at the prospect of racing on this new circuit.

After a bit of track work and watering following the first half of this double header, it was the Wildcats turn to take the spotlight. Without the trio of Mason, Frampton and Johnson it was always going to be an upward struggle, or so we thought. New signing Danny Warwick went out in heat one as the r/r and duly made the gate and was winning by a country mile, but Jack Hargreaves was gradually reeling him in and eventually passed him on lap three. Not until Dan had got back to the pits did we notice he had a flat rear tyre, which had started deflating on lap two.

Heat three was the one which probably cost us the match, Gordon made an excellent start and was leading going in to turn three, but a gap was there for the second placed lad to go for. Unfortunately the home rider got caught out by the greasy track, which had just a little too much water added, he lost it, clipped Gordon’s front wheel and sent him sprawling in to the fence at high speed. At first it looked like a very bad one, but with excellent care from the paramedics and a lift back to the pits in the ‘bulance’ Gord seemed to be ok, albeit with one foot bigger than the other and bones in places they were not supposed to be. The old fella was determined to get back in the re-run but it wasn’t to be and the Chief Paramedic signed him out of the meeting. And the bike went back in the van in bits, Written off front wheel, forks and probably frame as well.

Heat four saw Terry take a tumble and aggravate the wrist injury he sustained last week, he too should really have pulled out of the meeting, he was in a lot of pain. Heat five saw the first of Cleveland’s four 5-1’s, but then came one of the races of the day in heat eight, George flew from gate four and went around the lot of them, and Terry tucked in behind and kept back youngster Joe Haines for three laps, Haines then went for the big move, he rounded Terry going down the home straight and dived up the inside of George, just clipping his front wheel and sending him down, the blue exclusion light came straight on and the race was awarded. By this time Terry was struggling big time and we were running out of riders, Wayne was also having a hard time. After being out of the saddle for a long time his arms were just getting more and more fatigued. By heat ten it was a case of who’s gonna go out next, Adam was using up all his allowed rides, Terry couldn’t hold the handlebars and Gordon was in the ambulance. Looked like heat 14 and we’d only have one rider, unless we went eight down and could use Danny again in the b/w helmet, this duly happened and Dan went of 15 metres. Terry got excluded for not beating the two minutes; buy this time he could not get his gloves on his hand. Heat 15 came and the only riders left standing were George, Adam and Dan. Adam had used all his rides so it was down to the other two. The tapes went up and they raced to the first turn, bunched up and George went in to the fence. From my vantage point I think the rider in blue was unlucky to get excluded, however of they went again and got to the last lap before the home sides Rusty Harrison got it all wrong and took hell of a heavy fall, how Danny and George missed him I don’t know. After about ten minutes lying prone on the track the lad was able to walk back to the pits albeit with a very sore neck.

I have not mentioned Adam much, but he was the Star of the show for us, unlucky not to record a win, took extra rides with out a problem and was knackered by the end of the meeting. I know Adam is very disappointed that he can’t get to grips with the Wessex track, but believe me the lad can ride.

After the handshakes and Cheerio’s, see ya next week with our hosts we set of back to Wonderful Weymouth. Yes you guessed it right again, he was asleep within twenty minutes! It wasn’t until we hit the motorway that I thought it would be a good idea to put some fuel in the car, big mistake, should have done it earlier. Sign said next services 20 miles, good job it was all down hill! Pulled in to services somewhere near Leeds, had some very nice Leek and potato soup for tea, filled the tank up ( 10p a litre dearer oop north), Rob woke up for another smoke before going back to the land of the swingers or where ever it is he goes and of we went again helped on the way home by some obscure radio station which was playing 70’s disco music all night ( my kind of thang !!) We eventually drove over the ridgeway and in to Weymouth at about 12.30, That’s when Rob said oo that was a quick journey home!!

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