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Buxton 'Hitmen' v Weymouth 'Doonan' Wildcats

Conference Shield - 24 September 2006

1st Leg Score Weymouth 44 - 52 Buxton

Buxton Hitmen
1. Scott James  1* 2  3  2  0 = 8+1
2. Adam Roynon r/r
3. Charles Wright  0  3  1* 3  1* = 8+2
4. Ben Taylor  2  3  2* 2* 2  2 = 13+2
5. Jonathon Bethell (c)  2  3  2* X = 7+1
6. Lewis Dallaway  3  0  3  1  F = 7
7. Jack Roberts  2* 1* 2* F  2  0 = 7+3

Weymouth Wildcats
1. David Mason (c)  3  1  1  2* 3 = 10+1
2. George Piper  0  0  1  0 = 1
3. Danny Warwick  2  1* 3  3 = 9+1
4. Jordan Frampton  1* 2  X^ 3 = 6+1
5. Chris Johnson  3  6^ 1  3  1 = 14
6. Adam Filmer  X  X  R  0 = 0
7. Scott Richardson  X  0  0  1 = 1
Manager: Jem Dicken

Referee: Christina Turnbull

Latest News from track
Wildcats Fined £25 for fielding an under strength side

Heat Details
1. Mason, Taylor, James, Piper, 56.2, 3-3
2. (re-run) Dallaway, Roberts, Richardson (exc), Filmer (exc), awarded, 5-0, 8-3
3. Taylor, Warwick, Frampton, Wright, 57.2, 3-3, 11-6
4. Johnson, Bethell, Roberts, Richardson, 56.8, 3-3, 14-9
5. Wright, Taylor, Mason, Piper, 55.8, 5-1, 19-10
6. (re-run) Johnson^, James, Wright, Filmer (f.exc), 56.8, 3-6, 22-16
7. Bethell, Frampton, Warwick, Dallaway, 57.1, 3-3, 25-19
8. James, Roberts, Piper, Richardson, 57.2, 5-1, 30-20
9. Wright, Taylor, Johnson, Filmer (ret), 56.2, 5-1, 35-21
10. (re-run) Warwick, James, Roberts (fell), Frampton^ (exc), 58.5, 2-3, 37-24
11. Dallaway, Bethell, Mason, Piper, 57.8, 5-1, 42-25
12. Warwick, Roberts, Wright, Filmer, 57.0, 3-3, 45-28
13. Johnson, Mason, Dallaway, James, 56.0, 1-5, 46-33
14. Frampton, Taylor, Richardson, Dallaway (fell), 56.5, 2-4, 48-37
15. Mason, Taylor, Johnson, Roberts, 57.3, 2-4, 50-41

Aggregate Score: Buxton 102 - 85 Weymouth


1. Ben Taylor takes r/r ride
2. Adam Filmer touched tapes, will go off 15M. Filmer fell excluded. Race re-run. Scott Richardson fell, excluded cause of stoppage, race awarded
6. Charles Wright takes r/r ride, Chris Johnson tactical ride, Adam Filmer fell, excluded from rerun
8. Scott James takes r/r ride
10. Jack Roberts takes r/r ride, Jordan Frampton tactical ride, Jordan Frampton excluded, race to be re-run
13. Jonathon Bethell excluded 2min, r/c Lewis Dallaway

Away Days
by Jem Dicken

Buxton Hitmen 50 - 41 Weymouth Wildcats

Last Sunday saw the second trip of the month up to the Derbyshire Dales for the rearranged Conference Shield fixture with the Buxton Hitmen. After a quick check of the oil and water levels on the car we were off by nine o’clock, the weather was fine, in fact damn hot and sunny. Making good progress we decided to stop just north of Bristol for the full English and a hit of caffeine, then it was on with the journey. Any body that has travelled with me knows that I don’t hang about and ultimately that has become my downfall. Apparently the Gloustershire police force are on a purge against speeding motorists, so they didn’t look to lightly at my 92 mph. They were sat on a fly over and said they tracked me on radar for 980 meters and it would cost me £60 and three points, don’t think I should have said that’ll go nicely with the other nine I already had! Anyway after 15 minutes in the back of the squad car we continued on our journey. All was going to plan until we entered Stoke and joined the queues at the roadwork’s that had been there last year when we went to Buxton. After what seemed an age we again continued onwards and through Leek with all their Gatso’s and on to Buxton.

With the weather still hot and sunny and all the boys present and raring to go we were looking at not only winning the match but snatching the bonus point as well. Terry had not made the trip due to problems on Saturday with his engine, but Scunthorpe's Scott Richardson had been lined up as a late replacement. It was at about this point that the infamous Miss Turnbull came in to the picture (she is a nice lady really) to inform me that at the league co-ordinators instruction she had to fine me £25 for fielding and under strength side. Even she laughed when I said she was taking the ***** and that we’d got the strongest side we’d put out this season. All the lads and their pit crews were rolling about laughing as we watched the first part of the afternoon’s double-header.

The match itself got off to a good start with David taking the chequered flag but rapidly went down hill from there. Heat two saw Adam touch the tapes and had to go of 15 meters. By the first bend he had caught up with the others but then forgot to turn left and went piling into the fence. In the rerun, Scott was second before running in to the back of the leader and going head first in to the fence, 5-0 to the Hitmen. Heat three was gonna be the start of the fight back, both Wildcats gated but Dan struggled to get round turn one and took Jordan to the fence, fortunately they both sorted themselves out and overtook the second placed rider.
By heat six we found ourselves nine points down, so I gave Chris the b/w helmet colour, He dually picked up the six points but Adam again hit the fence, this time on turn four. Buxton then hit us with another couple of 5-1’s, our riders were having real difficulty getting round the turns, even the big guns.
Jordan was the next to wear the b/w helmet colour in heat 10, and a 8-1 was on the cards for a couple of laps until the home rider of Bethell did his usual trick of riding into the side of his opponent and ending up on his backside (no wonder he’s always breaking bones) Despite lengthy and heated exchanges between myself and the referee, HER decision was to exclude Jordan!! Out of the last five races, four of them I felt the need to get on the phone and remonstrate with the official, all to no avail though. We actually out scored the home side 13 points to 5 over the last three heats but by then the match was lost.

After the post match formalities we headed back home, not before stopping off at my favourite haunt, The Three Horseshoes Inn for an enormous helping of roast beef and all the trimmings. Did you know that Jordan and his dad are connoisseur of Sponge puddings? And they like custard, loads of it!
We then headed home at about 8.30 only to get stuck in the Stoke traffic jam for thirty minutes and then for some unknown reason got on the wrong side of the motorway and headed towards Manchester, half an hour later we were back where we started but heading south. Then for some unknown reason the highways agency shut the M6, so it was down to a crawl. We went as far in an hour as it would normally take ten minutes.

Conversations on these long trips are over a wide range of subjects (unless Robin is the only passenger, he’s always asleep) and this one was no different, Speedway, football, relationships, beer, women, bloody traffic cops, referees etc etc etc. I told John a story about one of our co directors (sshhh don’t wake him up) and I swear he was laughing from Bristol all the way down to Bridgwater. We had to stop off so he could recover and I could get some caffeine down my neck. By this time it was well after midnight and still some fifty miles through the wilds of Somerset and North Dorset to go. Eventually, at around half past one we rolled in to Weymouth.

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