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Kingswood Hotel Trophy

Individual - 29 September 2006

Sponsored by: Kingswood Hotel
55 Rodwell Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8QX
01305 784926
01305 767984

1. David Mason  2  2  3  2 = 9
2. Lee Smethills 3  3  1  3 = 10
3. Adam Filmer 1  2  X  N = 3
4. Sam Martin  0  0  0  3 = 3
5. Chris Johnson  3  3  2  3 = 11
6. Gary Cottham  0  1  1  2 = 4
7. Terry Day  N  N  N  N = 0
8. Dean Felton  2  2  3  0 = 7
9. Harland Cook  1  1  2  2 = 6
10. Sam Hurst  3  X  X  N = 3
11 George Piper X  N  N  N = 0
12. Michael Coles 2  3  3  1 = 9

Jamie Pickard  1  1  X  F = 2

Referee: Dave Robinson

Heat Details
1. Smethills, Mason, Filmer, Martin, 56.6
2. Johnson, Felton, Pickard, Cottham, 56.4
3. (awarded) Hurst, Felton, Cook, Piper (f.exc), no time
4. Johnson, Mason, Cook, Martin, 56.1
5. (re-run) Smethills, Felton, Cottham, Hurst (f.exc), 57.8
6. Coles, Filmer, Pickard, Day (n/s), 59.4
7. (awarded) Mason, Cook, Cottham, Pickard (f.exc), no time
8. Coles, Johnson, Smethills, Martin, 57.5
9. (re-run) Felton, Pickard (f), Filmer (f.exc), Hurst (f.exc), 59.8
10. Smethills, Mason, Coles, Felton, 56.7
11. Martin, Cottham, Day (n/s), Piper (n/s) 59.1
12. Johnson, Cook, Filmer (n/s), Hurst (n/s), 57.6

Semi-Finals and Final abandoned after the track lights failed on turn 4 following a very heavy shower.
Result declared from points scored in heats.

1st Chris Johnson
2nd Lee Smethills
3rd Michael Coles

With thunder and lightning all around and the ever present threat of rain, referee Dave Robinson pushed on and managed to get right up to the semi finals when the heavens opened. After a short delay it appeared to be all systems go with the track still raceable, but water had got into the electrics and caused the lights on turn four to blow. With a large part of the track in darkness there was no option but to abandon the planned three race finale to the meeting and declare Chris Johnson the winner.

Heat one got off to a flying start with David Mason beating Lee Smethills out of the gate but undeterred Smethills fought back and overhauled the Wildcats skipper. Chris Johnson took an easy win in heat two getting his night off to a good start. George Pipers night didnít go so well in heat three, with Sam Hurst looking set to take the win the young Wildcat reserve lifted and ploughed into the fence on the home straight.

Heat four saw the battle of the Wildcats heat leaders, Mason beat Johnson out of the gate but Johnson had the inside line and used that to move the skipper wide and claim the lead that he held to the chequered flag.

Veteran Michael Coles got his first win of the night in heat six and was the only man on the night to take a point off Chris Johnson when he beat him to the flag in heat eight. Johnson had to battle through from third place, getting the better of the impressive Smethills on lap two but Coles was gone.

Heat ten looked like being a cracker with Mason, Smethills and Coles all out; Smethills made the gate, with Mason close behind but he couldnít get the better of the Premier League Berwick rider.

Chris Johnson scored his third and crowning victory in the twelfth, water from a heavy shower just after that heat caused the track lights to fail bringing an end to racing for the evening and this season at Weymouth.

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